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On a roll with his productions, Styline delivers another club weapon in “What You Want.”

Styline’s found his stride. Following up on recent releases on InStereo Recordings and PornoStar Records, Styline’s back making another signature label debut, this time on the legendary Whore House Records with “What You Want.”

Self-proclaimed as his favorite production of recent memory, “What You Want” is rooted in a pumping low end. As Styline describes:

“This track started with us playing around with this super cool bassline and kick to make sure the low end sounded sick to begin with. It’s really driving and helps to build things up massively.”

With the foundation there, Styline needed a complementing vocal, and he turned his focus back to an old project to find the perfect fit.

“For this track we were looking for a vocal a little bit in the fashion of my track “Get Some.” Something with a similar theme that really draws people in. And after searching without much luck, we went back to some of our old projects, and had some luck. The “What You Want” vocal actually comes from an old production around one and half years ago that didn’t make it. I’m really happy that I was able to recycle that and how it turned out in “What You Want.” It allows easy interaction with crowds live, and is also really catchy even if you’re just listening at home.”

It’s clear Styline’s found his strength and success rooted in his Power House sound and he continues to be thrilled with the way labels are picking up his tracks.

“Whore House has been one of the labels, especially since we’ve been focusing on the Funky/Groove House genre, that I’ve looked to as truly established outlet for quality music. In combination with the release of “One Time” on PornoStar Records a few weeks ago, it’s back to back releases on two labels I’ve always wanted to release on!! Can’t wait to see how “What You Want” goes up!”

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